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英文小说Forever My Girl(三十三至三十七章)
zrfz 2018-4-5 15:48
CHAPTER 33 LIAM This has been the best morning I’ve had in a long time, from the moment when Noah and I woke up Josie with her gift to the unwrapping of mine. I can’t wait to spend hours combing through every photo Josie gave me. Even though I’m not in them, having pi ...
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英文小说Forever My Girl(二十七至三十二章)
zrfz 2018-4-5 15:44
CHAPTER 27 LIAM If I ever mention buying a house again, someone please shoot me. Noah and I spent all of Saturday and Sunday wandering Beaumont with my excessively hyper real estate agent. The only thing I learned was how to eye roll like a nine year old. Sarah, Sadie ...
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英文小说Forever My Girl(二十一至二十六章)
zrfz 2018-4-5 15:38
CHAPTER 21 LIAM It feels good being back in my studio. Since returning, I’ve been writing like crazy. I think at this point I have enough for a new album. Today, my bassist, Jimmy, and drummer, Harrison, are coming in to lay down some melodies. I should be happy, but ...
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英文小说Forever My Girl(十四至二十章)
zrfz 2018-4-5 15:27
CHAPTER 14 JOSIE Watching his backside as he retreats should be second nature for me. This isn’t the first time he’s walked away from me and likely won’t be the last. If I’m lucky he’ll be gone for another ten years and I won’t have to deal with him anymore. He fr ...
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英文小说Forever My Girl(七至十三章)
zrfz 2018-4-5 15:23
CHAPTER 7 LIAM “Hello,” I growl into the phone, pissed that someone is waking me up before the sun has even decided to rear its ugly head today. I squint at the clock, its red numbers showing me that it’s just after five in the morning. I’m supposed to be on vacation ...
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英文小说Forever My Girl(一至六章)
zrfz 2018-4-5 09:57
CHAPTER 1 LIAM A light snore reminds me that I’m not alone. The heaviness of a body sprawled out, sets me off immediately. The stale smell of day old perfume lingers in the air and on my sheets. The curtains are pulled back, the sun shining through the large window whic ...
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